Wing back and forth

To Vinga round trip with Hönö Boat Tours

Season 2021

April 1 to November 30


Kl. 10.30

June 16 – August 30 from
Hönö Klåva
Back from Vinga 15.30

Departs from

Västra vägen 11 Hönö Klåva
June 16 – August 30

Korsviksvägen Fotö guest harbor
1 April-15 June, 1 Sept-30 Nov.


June 16 – August 30
Adult SEK 325, Children SEK 160

1 April-15 June, 1 Sept-30 Nov.
Minipris 2000: – 1-5 pers
> 5 pers 350: – / 175: – children< 12 years


Only 12 places

Space for 1 wheelchair

Dogs are also welcome


The boat trip 30 min / road
Total time 5½ hours
of which 4 hours at Vinga

Behöver du hjälp? Ring oss gärna på 0705-12 50 85.

A day at Vinga is a memory for life

Book online or by phone +46705 12 50 85 .

Vinga Sweden’s last outpost to the west has a long and exciting history and is an important landmark for shipping.

A community characterized by the sea for pilots, boatmen and lighthouse keepers. This is where our greatest and most beloved poet grew up, Evert Taube, it was this environment that shaped him.

A day at Vinga is a memory for life and many return every year. Fishing with your own rod from the rocks, swimming in Gattulvsviken and sunbathing on the rocks are popular summer activities on Vinga. You can even go one
guided tour with Winga friends. Then you get the story of Vinga and life on the island. Go 115 steps up to the lighthouse and get a wonderful view. Visit the “beacon” and the museum in Evert Taube’s childhood home.

Feel free to order a lunch basket no later than the day before departure, see our menu . At Vinga you can enjoy the food in a nice environment. Winga friends have a kiosk in the harbor, where a lot of ice cream and souvenirs are sold, they also rent out houses on the island. In Fyrfolkets by you can rent Vinga Event.

Join us out in the beautiful archipelago!