MENU Belle-Amie Lunch Baskets 2021

Behöver du hjälp? Ring oss gärna på 0705-12 50 85.

Order lunch basket the day before departure

Place your order by calling +46705 12 50 85 or email .

Payment can be made via:

– Swish no. 123 550 31 72
– Cards: Visa, Mastercard and others.
– Cash

Archipelago sandwich on “Bagebrö” from Hönö
with hand-peeled shrimp, eggs and green salad: SEK 189

Smaller shrimp sandwich on Danish rye bread: SEK 159

Shrimp salad with hand-peeled shrimp: SEK 159
choose between pasta and bulgur, optional dressing

Caesar salad: SEK 159
Chicken fillet, bacon, croutons, romaine lettuce,
grated parmesan, cesarean dressing and tomatoes.

Salads with bulgur or pasta: SEK 149
Chicken salad
Tuna and eggs
Greek salad

Comes with dressing and bread. Choose dressing:
Rohde island, Mangoraya, Garlic, Winegrette

Café cake with brie, salami and green salad: 74

Café cake with Cheese & ham: SEK 55

Children’s menu:
Chicken salad with pasta: 74: –

Coffee 20: -,
Bulle / cake 20: –

Join us out in the beautiful archipelago!