Lobster safari

Lobster safari in the Gothenburg archipelago with Hönö Boat Tours

Season 2024

September 24 – November 30


Kl. 10.00

Departs from

Korsviksvägen 27, Fotö


Adult 950 sek, Kids 475 sek
Ask for price on Lobster package,
Hotel & Lobster meal


Max 12 places
Wear durable shoes or boots.
We provide life jackets and fisherman’s trousers 


3 tim
incl about ½ hours of coffee break

Need help? Feel free to call us a +46705-12 50 85.

Lobster safari with professional fishermen from Fotö
in Gothenburg´s archipelago

Book online or by phone +46705 12 50 85 .

The archipelago outside Gothenburg between Fotö and Vinga has the best lobster waters you could wish for.
The availability of lobster has been increasing in recent years, in 2021 and -22 the fishing was all time high.

On September 24th 2024, we will pull the first lobster cages, fishing continues until the end of November.
On the fishing boat GG100, you are with professional fishermen and can participate with cage pulling, re-baiting and putting the cages back.

You can take the crab catches home, also you can buy lobster at a competitive price.

We will take a coffee break during the trip at Vinga island.

For groups and companies call 0705 12 50 85 or email info@honobatturer.se with your enquiry.
We are able to pick up in Gothenburg.

Book a lobster package with lobster soup and hotel if you wish. Contact us for an itenerary and price information.

Parking spaces for mobile homes are also available in Fotö Guest harbor.
Why not take the opportunity to have a sauna at Fotö, this should be booked well in advance.

For bus timetable from Gothenburg to Fotö and Hönö Klåva see www.vasttrafik.se

Join us out in the beautiful archipelago!