Funeral at sea

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Funeral at sea

One last wish for many is to have their ashes lowered into the sea.

With the boat Belle-Amie which takes 12 passengers, we have good conditions to make a nice farewell ceremony. If you become more than 12 and a maximum of 48, we drive with more boats.

We guide and help with the practicalities in connection with the ash spreading.

If you want any music during the ceremony, you will notify us when booking, we will prepare and make a playlist.

Ingestion: If you want to bring your own meal / coffee, it goes well, otherwise we are happy to arrange something. We can offer cold meal / coffee with pastries for a nice moment of remembrance on board after the ceremony. Alternatively, we are happy to book an archipelago restaurant.

Ash may be spread 300 meters from land. The County Administrative Board gives permission to spread ash or lower an urn with the ash into the sea.

Application and rules for ash spreading in the sea.

Please just mail or call us: +46 (0)705125085 and we will help you.

Bo Johansson