Crab fishing

Crab fishing in the Gothenburg archipelago with Hönö Boat Trips

Season 2021

March 15 – June 15


at 10.00

Departs from

Korsviksvägen 27, Fotö


495: – Adult, 245: – Children
incl. crabs you fished


Max 12 places
Wear tight shoes or boots.
Life jackets and fisherman’s trousers are included.


2½ tim

Behöver du hjälp? Ring oss gärna på 0705-12 50 85.

Crab fishing with professional fishermen from Fotö

Book online or by phone +46705 12 50 85 .

In the archipelago between Fotö and Vinga we fish a lot of crabs.

Fishing takes place from mid-March to mid-June.

On the fishing boat GG100, you are with a professional fisherman and can participate when the tines are pulled, baited and set back. We can guarantee that you get crabs with you home. Crab fishing trips are suitable for everyone.

We take a coffee break approx. 30 min on Vinga, Coffee included. Bring your own coffee bread or pre-book from the menu on this page. Wing is amazing.

For parties and companies call 0705 12 50 85 or email your request for price and time booking.

Book Crab Fishing Package with Seafood Soup and Hotel if you wish. Contact us for suggestions and price information. RV pitches are available.

For bus timetable from Gothenburg to Fotö see

Join us out in the beautiful archipelago!