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It started in 1965.


It all started in 1965, aged 15 I got my first job after finishing school. I drove a service boat between Hönö to the construction site for the new lighthouse Trubaduren south of Vinga.

My father would run fishing trips and excursions to Vinga island on his boat Belle-Amie in the 60’s, as a child i would often accompany him.

After training and working as a carpenter I started drawing and selling kitchens for Osby kök AB in 1973.
My father drove an exhibition for Osby’s kitchen on his boat Belle-Amie.

In 1977 I graduated as skipper A (now 7th) and took over the business, bought my own schooner.

1977-1983 I was around Sweden’s coasts, canals and lakes where we sold Osby kitchen with the boat “Lidan”. We visited approx. 100 ports each year, an exciting time when we have to arrive to the next port on time, meet new people and sell a kitchen or two. Sweden is fantastic!

In 1986, I started working at Marbodal kitchens within store development, which carried out product development of kitchens. 2010-2014 for the kitchen group Nobia as Product manager and responseble for group kitchen innovation.

After more than 40 fantastic years in the kitchen industry I started Hönö Tourist & Fishing AB which enabled me to do what I love most skipper a boat!.

The highlight is organising  experiences for guests from all over the world, tell about life now and events from history.

In 2015 I bought a new boat which was named Belle-Amie after my father’s ship which was built in 1890, the same year that Evert Taube was born and the lighthouse on Vinga was built.

I would like to show as many people as possible the beautiful Gothenburg archipelago where I call home.

The hospitality industry is flourishing on the Öckerö Islands with the close proximity to the Gothenburg area. Many work in the industry and it is my hope to contribute further to its development through innovation.

Back where it all started, drive a boat in the Gothenburg archipelago between Hönö and Vinga, this is my passion instead of pension.

Welcome onboard!

We have over 70 reviews on TripAdvisor where our customers have given us the rating “excellent”.

Bosse was amazing! Such a wonderful excursion with stories told with cruel empathy. Highly recommend experiencing this!

Lina M

The guide and skipper Bosse has created something very special. The tour was personal, fun and entertaining. On the way to and from the island of Vinga, exciting stories from the past were told. Will recommend this tour to several people in my vicinity. Thank you Bosse for a fantastic afternoon on your boat!


Great guided tour to Vinga with Captain Bosse at the wheel. We heard a very interesting story during the trip out to Vinga. Can really be recommended

Kerstin P

The trip to Vinga was really pleasant, and the captain of the ship kept the box in his very own way, we heard about not only Evert Taube but also about seals and German submarines etc. Highly recommended!


So fun and interesting, our kids thought the seal safari was a highlight. We had a wonderful afternoon. It is noticeable that Bosse has a burning interest in history, and he conveyed that so nicely to us who were on the boat trip.

Ann Gustafsson

A fantastic trip! Nice and stable boat even at sea. Nice, entertaining and well-read skipper / guide who is passionate about his cause!

Bertil B

Bosse likes what he does and it shows. Absolutely fantastic trip on a nice boat. Can really recommend this tour. Affordable and genuine!

Johan J

We enjoyed every second! Interesting stories brought to life by ‘the Skipper’ when the boat safely pushed forward in a divinely beautiful west coast environment!

Kitty W


Hönö Båtturer works to ensure that as many people as possible can go on a nice boat trip without their own boat to take part in life in the archipelago. The boat Belle-Amie runs on environmentally classified diesel MK-1. All waste is sorted and transported to a recycling station.


Accessibility for one person in a wheelchair on all our boat trips and fishing trips, must be booked in advance. We bring the ramp so that you can visit Vinga. We will of course help you to have a safe and pleasant experience. Note! no WC for wheelchairs on the boats but on Vinga

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